Why David Never Lost

Dec 16, 2021Written Devotionals

“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living.”   Psalm 27:13   NKJV

If you have read the stories of David in the Bible, you know that his life was a series of ups and down.  He had amazing highs such as defeating the giant Goliath, and he suffered amazing lows, such as the betrayal of his son, who took the throne of Jerusalem from David.  And yet David always seems to bounce back and even from David’s most severe setbacks or failures, he rose back up to a position of victory.  How did David do this?

Part of the answer is found in a lesson David understood and lived out, that most of us have never been taught.  David believed he would see and experience the goodness of God right here in this life.  Most of us believe that when we depart from this life to the next, we leave behind all the troubles of this world, and certainly, that is true.  There will be sickness, suffering or tears in the world to come as we spend eternity with Jesus.  However, most of us live our lives expecting those results only upon leaving this life.  We don’t expect to walk in victory and live as an overcomer in this life.  We place all our hope in the next life forgetting that there is victory for us as followers of Jesus Christ right here in this life.

Now that does not mean that you will not face struggles, problems, trials and even monstrously disappointing setbacks in this life.  We still live in a fallen world and those things will come our way in this life.  However, we don’t have to dwell there or accept that is the final reality for this life.  David understood and was convinced by faith and by experience, that he would always see the goodness of the Lord right here in this life.  So no matter what David faced in this life, he always expected deliverance and praised God for his deliverance and goodness even before David actually experienced that deliverance and goodness in his situations.

David is essentially asking the question, “What would have become of me, had I lost this confidence and not expected or believed to see the faithfulness and goodness, of the Lord in every situation?”  That is an intriguing question that we can turn to our own lives, and ask ourselves, “What goodness, favor, and deliverance have I missed in this life because unlike David I did not expect to see the goodness of the Lord?

David never believed he would be overwhelmed by life even when life was overwhelming!  Had he yielded to what you and I so easily yield to, he would have suffered setbacks, loss, and ultimate defeats.  What about you?  Do you feel lost in this life and defeated?  Perhaps it is because you don’t believe as David did that you will see the goodness of the Lord in your life.  The sad thing is because of your relationship with Jesus. The goodness promised to you is even better than David’s experience.  Adopt David’s outlook on life.

J Todd Hostetler




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