Tithes and Offerings

If you visit City On A Hill Teaching Center, you’ll see we do things a little differently. We believe that tithes and offerings should be given not taken. If given, they come from an obedient and joyful heart that desires to obey and serve the Lord.

It is common for church organizations to pass a collection vessel through the congregation and there seems to be an implied pressure to give if the “plate” is passing by you. When there is some peer pressure to do something it is too easy to give, not with the cheerful heart the Lord desires, but rather begrudgingly.

Our desire is that all receive the blessings of the Lord for their giving and that none have their blessing robbed because they gave with the wrong heart. At City On A Hill we provide baskets at the exits rather than collecting an offering. We pray over the tithes and offerings at the end of the service and allow individuals to truly give as they desire.


The mission of City On A Hill Teaching Center is to teach the Word and to strengthen and encourage people in their daily walk with Jesus. To partner in this work we welcome you to give.

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