Most Hearts Will Grow Cold

Jan 11, 2017Written Devotionals

“Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold”.    Matthew 24:12 NASB

I have not spent much time in the last few years watching very much of the “News” that is offered to us nightly from the major television networks.  I sat down recently and watched an entire hour of news from a cable news network.  One story followed another with reports of drama, tragedy, and misfortunes from around the globe.  Almost instantly we were updated in real time with what was transpiring from every meaningful point on the globe.  While it is nice to know instantly what is happening, it may not always be profitable.

In speaking of the end times, one of the things that Jesus told to watch for was an increase in iniquity (or lawlessness) in this world.  What we are told is that because of the permeation of sinfulness and our awareness of that lawlessness of heart, our hearts have a tendency to grow cold.  The more that we are immersed in the reports of the wickedness of the world, the colder our hearts become, and there is a corresponding result of less clinging to the Lord and His Word.

I do not mean to imply that we should become ignorant of the events that are taking place around us, but it is fair warning to us to not become absorbed by those things.  As I sat through that news hour I instantly knew of all the heartaches and sufferings of the world.  I became aware in real time of all the events that would cause to me to worry, tragic attacks in our own country to the building hostilities in the Middle East and North Korea.  The bombardment of fearful events was unrelenting for that hour and causes unrest in your soul.  It made me realize that perhaps there was an advantage to centuries past when news traveled more slowly.  People didn’t have to fret and worry about unfolding events because by the time they heard about it, it was already past.  Now we have the opportunity to worry about everything and have updated information regarding each event providing us with new details and fresh concerns.  When you think about what we subject ourselves to in this age of information, it gives you a deeper appreciation for the poignancy of Jesus’ Words.  It is because of our awareness of the world’s sinful nature that causes our hearts to grow cold concerning spiritual truths in our life.

Our goal should be to immerse ourselves daily in the Good News so that our hearts do not become cold.  Can it happen to you?  Absolutely. The verse in Matthew tells us that it will not be the hearts of a few, or some.  It says the hearts of most will grow cold.  Protect your heart that it does not become cold in this time we live in!

J Todd Hostetler



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