Where Are You Seated?

Feb 11, 2021Written Devotionals

“And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ Jesus (the Messiah, the Anointed One).”     Ephesians 2:6  (Amplified Bible)

We are both physical and spiritual beings, but usually, we only see ourselves in the natural realm.  We need to learn to see ourselves as we are in the spiritual realm, seeing ourselves the way the Lord does and even the way the enemy of our soul does.  We need to see ourselves with the crown of righteousness, the shield that surrounds us and with the key of David upon our shoulder.  All of these images reflect who we are in Christ and the authority and power that we have in the spiritual arena.  The devil does not want us to see ourselves this way but that is the way that we are in Christ as His followers. 

The verse above shows us where we are spiritually right now, even though we cannot perceive it in this natural flesh we dwell in.  We should see ourselves as raised up in Him.  There are so many verses that talk about being lifted up in Him and being above and high.  Where is this “lifting up” that is being talked about?  It is being lifted up to the spiritual places of victory in the spiritual realm. 

This is where we are lifted up as His followers and yet most of us step out of that spiritual position of elevation and instead choose to stand in the lower places which are the natural world in which we dwell.  Truly we camp here in the natural and then get frustrated when we do not experience the blessings and the favors of the Lord in our life.  The physical realm is not our expected position when we are in Him.  The Lord expects us to be in the elevated position which He has provided for us.  Why then are we still thinking with a natural expectation of defeat and frustration?  Why are we not expecting to be in those high spiritual places? 

Telling us that we have joint seating with Him is an indication of our relationship with Him.  It references the joint heirship we have in Jesus.  All that Jesus has and has procured is His forever.  Every victory in every situation is already completed and it is His.  Since I am a joint heir with Him, then what is His is also mine.  I have access to it because of His sacrificial work and because He has made me to be seated with Him in the spiritual realm. 

This is the way the Lord sees us in the spiritual arena, He sees us seated jointly with Jesus.  This is the way the enemy sees us as well, he simply hopes that we fail to see ourselves in the spiritual realm of victory with Jesus.

J Todd Hostetler




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