The Process Of Pursuit

Dec 6, 2016Written Devotionals

For the earth yields crops by itself: first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head.    Mark 4:28  NKJV

In life there is a process in everything, a moving forward that we have to learn to recognize and understand.  It is a process that requires some patience but also trusts in the Lord for the things He has provided for you, which you may not yet see.  This principle is demonstrated to us in Mark 4:28. There is a process from the time a seed is planted until the moment you can reap the harvest of the grain to consume.  You don’t plant a seed, water it, wait one minute and then have a fully grown and developed plant with mature seed ready to be harvested.  We realize that would silly to expect.  Well the same thing is true when we pray over a matter and speak the Word over a situation.  Now because there is supernatural potential in all things with Jesus, it is possible that when you pray you may see supernatural results and deliverance immediately.  However, there are a lot of variables (mostly us) that can impede or slow down the process, but the Word and the promise remain and will bear fruit if we continue to stand in faith.

Think of what you have been praying about or speaking the Word over in your life.  You may not see the results right this moment.  You may not even see the deliverance or answer this week, but do not be discouraged.  Just like seed planted there is a process in the natural realm and we have to continue to believe and wait for the harvest which is sure to come if we do not give up.  Maybe you prayed over something last week or last month and have yet to see the answer, don’t despair. The seed was planted when you spoke the Word over the situation and you are likely still at blade stage or head stage, waiting for the kernel to develop so you can reap the harvest of your answer.  It may not evident to you, but it is in process from spiritual realm to natural realm.

Keep moving forward in faith and pursue the deliverance with words of thanks and praise even before you see the results.  Be patient and stand on the Word and the promise and watch as His promises grow to harvest time for you.  Keep watering the seeds that you have sown with your words of thanks and faith and harvest time will come and be totally satisfying as you reap the harvest of your deliverance.

J Todd Hostetler



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