The Greater or Lesser Light

Apr 13, 2017Written Devotionals

Then God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. He made the stars also.”   Genesis 1:16    NKJ

The sun and the moon are the two great lights that determine our days and mark the passage of time.  They are also instructive barometers for where we are in our spiritual walk.

Remember in the creation story that God created two lights.  Genesis chapter one tells us that the greater light was to govern the day (the sun), and the lesser to govern the night (the moon).  The sun provides light and from that light comes life and strength.  The moon does not produce light, it only reflects the light of the sun.  Therefore, in the moonlight, there is not as much brightness.  You can still stumble around in the moonlight.  The comparison is this; those that are walking in the light (the Son) have that light coming through them.  It illuminates all that is around them and draws men to that light of Jesus inside them.  Those that are merely talking about the things of the Kingdom and yet giving their first thoughts and best attention to the things of the world are merely reflectors of that light.  There is no power within that reflected light to lead others away from darkness.  There is no life in that light.   In the same way, moonlight offers no life to the world.  Notice that farmers do not require moonlight for their seeds to produce a crop.  The germination process and eventual harvest is a direct result of the effects of the sun and its light.

There are times in each of our lives that we talk a good game about the things of the Lord, but it is mostly nothing more than that, just talk.  We are not living in the Word and the power of the light and life that comes from the Word.  At those times we are living in the world and not in the Kingdom of God.  In our culture, it is all too easy to live for self and set Jesus aside.  If we fail to walk in the greater light, then our love for Him grows cold daily.  If we are not passionate for Him, we are already too much in the world and the evidence of that choice will be obvious to others by whether our light is the illumination of the Lord, or merely a faded reflection of that glory.

Ask yourself this: “Which light are others seeing from you?  Is it the greater or the lesser?”   Today determine not to be a reflected light that is of no value to yourself or others.  Rather be a source for the greater light that will draw others to the Lord.  Is the light in your Christian walk casting His love onto others or are you simply stumbling through the semi-darkness of the lesser light of the night?  How you answer this reveals who is governing your walk.  Jesus loves you and wants the best for your life.  He wants you to walk in the fullness of His light today.  Choose for yourself which light will govern the rest of your days.

J Todd Hostetler








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