The Blood And The Testimony

Oct 2, 2021Written Devotionals

“ And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”    Revelation 12:1    NKJV

Participation in communion with Jesus is so much more than just a tradition of the church.  Yes, we do this repeatedly and hopefully often as Jesus instructed us to do.  Because it is something that we often do it is easy to think about communion as merely a tradition, and then it loses the impactful truth and power in our lives.  It is not just a routine that we go through.  Jesus told His disciples as they prepared to receive the cup with Him that “This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.”

His blood is what brought us the new covenant in Him. It is what brings us into a relationship once again with the Father.  The blood of the Lamb paid the price for sin (your sin, my sin, all sin) once and for all.  Because His blood was shed to pay the price for sin, Satan no longer has a hold on those who have accepted and walk in this redemption of Jesus.  Jesus overcame Satan, sin, and death by His blood.  Because you have accepted that sacrifice and because you understand the victory and the power of Jesus that is in you by His blood, because of your relationship with Jesus Christ you also experience the overcoming of Satan in your life.  You do not need to overcome the enemy of your soul, Jesus already did that for you and He did it completely.  All you need to do is believe that and enforce that victory of Jesus for your life.

So, the next question becomes how do we enforce that victory of Jesus over the enemy, in our lives every day?  How do I do that today when the circumstances of life tell me I am defeated and not victorious?  It is what is spoken of in the second part of the verse above in Revelation.  First, we realize that we overcame him by the blood of Jesus.  But now we enforce what which has been done for us by Jesus with words of our testimony.  When someone asks us for our “testimony” we automatically think of the story of how we became followers of Jesus, we think of the story of our salvation.  That is a part of your testimony because it speaks of the love of Jesus for you personally and how that affected and changed you.  But that is not your testimony, at least not the testimony that is going to enforce the overcoming victory of Jesus against the plans of Satan against you.  Your testimony is when your words in this life match up with the Word of God when you are speaking His truth and His promises out loud in faith while you stand against the enemy of your soul and all his traps and lies.

You have the victory of Jesus in your life and it through the blood of the lamb who shed His blood for you personally.  That overcoming victory is then enforced by you and your testimony, your words aligning with His Word.  This is what communion should remind us of as we drink from the cup and eat of the bread.  He has overcome the devil, now the question is; do your words of testimony line up with His Word and enforce the victory He has provided for you?

J Todd Hostetler



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