Someone Is Going To Flee

Jun 26, 2021Written Devotionals

And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him and were dreadfully afraid.”       1 Samuel 17:24   NKJV

In the story of David and Goliath, the nation of Israel was lined up for battle against the Philistines.  However, when they saw Goliath and heard his intimidations they became dreadfully afraid and they fled from the battle.  In like manner too often we allow the lies and taunts of the enemy against us to cause us to fear.  That is not to be the response of an overcomer in Jesus!

David arrived on the scene and even though he was not a soldier and had not prepared for battle, he had something that the rest of Israel had forgotten.  David remembered that he had a covenant with God and that Israel had a covenant with God.  Because of that, he knew that Goliath was defeated before the confrontation took place.  Like David, we need to remember who we are in Jesus and understand that we have a covenant that is superior to David’s because ours is a covenant in His blood and victory.  Remembering who we are in Jesus when the enemy brings battles against us when he comes at us with his attacks in this life, like David we advance and never flee.

In spiritual battle someone is always going to flee, you are the one that gets to decide who does the fleeing.  Either you flee in fear or you resist the devil and as the Word promises, he will flee from you.  “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you “. James 4:7.  Both the choice and the result are totally up to you.

After David arrived and asked about Goliath the men of the army of Israel spoke about what the king would give to the one who killed Goliath.  Not one of them believed any man could defeat the giant so they all stood in fear.  David asks about what would be done for the man who defeats Goliath.  The others talked about it as a concept they could not conceive of, but David knew the faithfulness of God.  David was looking at the battle from a spiritual perspective while the others saw only the physical perspective.  They only saw the natural rewards that were elusive to them. David was only concerned about who would kill this enemy of God, who had no covenant and was defying God and the His people of promise.  David was going forward in the power of God and His promises.  We have so much more to stand on than David.  We have the victory already assured through Jesus.

You are facing battles today that the enemy has thrown at you to intimidate you.  He is betting that you won’t rush into battle as David did.  He is gambling that he can cause you to run in fear at his blustering.  Someone is going to flee from every spiritual battle, either you or your defeated enemy.  You decide who flees and who stands in total absolute victory.  Resist Him and he will flee!

J Todd Hostetler



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