Seeing Through Your Eyelids

Jul 23, 2017Written Devotionals

“Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.”   Proverbs 4:25  KJ

Today’s verse comes from Proverbs, which is known as a book of sayings to the wise. When you meditate on the verse you might think that it does not appear very wise.  You may ask yourself, “How can my eyelids look straight ahead for me”?  Your eyelids cannot see so if your eyelids are looking straight ahead they would have to be over your eyes or closed.  Logically if your eyes are closed then you’ll not be able to see what is ahead.  How can this benefit your spiritual walk?

Let’s look at what the author is saying here.  We can all understand the principle that to look straight ahead is an admonition to focus on the Lord.   This is a familiar theme, looking not to the right or the left.  This is a good reminder for us all, but that second part is still puzzling. Let your eyelids looks straight before you?

When you are looking ahead as instructed you can easily be distracted.  Have you ever noticed that when you have focused straight ahead at something, if you see something moving by in your peripheral vision it causes you to look away from the goal and glance toward the motion you saw? It is something you do without thinking, it is simply a reaction.

When you are looking ahead in life with your natural eyes there are thousands of ways you can get distracted by the enemy.  You’ll see something off to the side like pain that you cannot understand; you’re distracted and start thinking of cancer.  Already you are off the course.   Perhaps you are moving forward and in your peripheral vision, you see an unforeseen expense coming up.  It captures your attention and distracts you.  Again you are no longer on course, no longer looking ahead.

Well if your eyelids are closed then the natural distractions will not catch your attention.  You will not see those movements in your peripheral vision that cause you to look away from the intended mark.    It is truly the difference between looking with your natural eyes (your own strength) as opposed to looking with your spiritual eyes.

To avoid getting off the path God has for you, walk with your eyes wide closed, not open!

J Todd Hostetler



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