Seated In Heavenly Places

Mar 3, 2019Written Devotionals

”..and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,”    Ephesians 2:6   NKJV

So many people, even believers in Jesus Christ, see themselves as losers in life.  They believe that only bad things happen to them, that misfortune is sure to follow them.  I know some people that have received good news and chosen not to rejoice because they were certain a bad one would follow the good report and nothing truly good could happen to them.  I know people that even say, “If something bad is going to happen, of course, it will happen to me”.  They expect the worse to happen and then they seem surprised when it does.  It only confirms to them that misfortune  surrounds them. 

No follower of Jesus Christ should ever feel this way and no follower of Jesus should accept this position in their life.  The person who believes bad things are destined to happen to them has absolutely no understanding of the heart of God.  Worse, they have denied their position of blessing in Jesus. They have rejected their seat in heavenly places with Jesus. 

Ask yourself this; “Where Jesus is will there be defeat or victory?”  There will only be victory because Jesus has overcome the world and He reigns in total and complete victory.  Where Jesus is there is victory.  The believer in Jesus needs to see themselves seated where Jesus says they are with Him in heavenly places.  If you are seated with Him in heavenly places then how can you receive defeats and misfortune?  You cannot. So if you are enduring defeats and followed by misfortune then you are obviously seated in the wrong place.  You have accepted a seat in the natural realm when He has given you a seat with Him in victory in the spiritual realm. 

We live in this physical world and see only the natural realities, but there is an even greater spiritual reality.  When you accepted salvation through Jesus you were given a seat with Him in the spiritual realm.  At that moment spiritually Jesus raised you up to the heavenly realms with Him and you are seated with Him there.  You cannot see it with your natural eyes, but your spirit is seated with Him in the place of all His victories.  In fact, when you read this verse in the Amplified Bible it says that Jesus “…made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere…”

This is your position today in the spiritual sphere; you are seated jointly with Jesus.  You are in the place of His victories for you.  And the fact that you are seated with Him is also relevant.  The work of establishing your victories is not in the process, it is done and complete.  You are sitting together, He is not doing.  His work is already done and He has given you seating in His victories for you.  Know you are seated jointly with Him and expect only His favor and victory in life.  From your seat with Him, just watch misfortune pass right on by because it cannot stay, when you are seated with Jesus.

J Todd Hostetler



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