Perceive And Possess

Jul 2, 2021Written Devotionals

“Rise, take your journey, and cross over the River Arnon. Look, I have given into your hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his land. Begin to possess it, and engage him in battle.”  Deuteronomy 2:24   NKJV

There is so much more that Jesus has for us that we just fail to lay hold of.  I was talking with a friend recently who observed, “I have come to realize I am living well below the level of blessing Jesus has for me.”  This is probably a true statement for all of us.  Jesus has provided victory in abundance for us and yet we accept so much less.  Today challenge yourself to see all that Jesus has for you, and then reach out and lay hold of it in faith!

In the verse above the Lord is speaking to the Israelites about a victory He has already prepared for them.  It says “look” or in some versions “behold”, “I have given into your hand…”   The word that we see as “look” or “behold” means in part to perceive.  It is tied to seers and their ability to see spiritual things.  God is saying that He has already provided a victory for them and it is now incumbent upon them to go and possess what has been prepared for them and given to them.  But the first thing they must do is see it and perceive that this victory and the land had been given to them.  They had to see it as a spiritual reality and then once they saw it, they were to move forward and possess it.

What is it that you need in your life today?  What is it that eludes you and has you feeling defeated or powerless in this life?  Listen to what God spoke to Moses and the Israelites and hear Him speaking the same thing to you today.  The covenant that you have is a greater covenant then they had, and you have the complete victory of Jesus Christ in every area of your life.  Jesus has already prepared your Promised Land and met every need you have today.  It is already set before you, regardless of whether you see it or not.  However, it is because we cannot see the evidence of these things, we fail to move ahead and possess them.  The first step in possessing His promises for your life is seeing them, beholding them, perceiving those victories in your mind.  See yourself not suffering setbacks, but see yourself walking in the uncompromising victory and deliverance of Jesus.

See His promises with spiritual eyes; perceive the reality of them even before you receive them.  Believe that His promises are true and “perceive” them!  Once you have seen it in your soul, then you can act in faith, go forward and possess what He has already established for you.

What is your need today?  Hear Jesus saying “I have prepared it for you, see it, and now begin to possess it in faith!”  Stop living beneath His blessings for you.  Perceive them and then possess them.

J Todd Hostetler




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