Out Of The Furnace

Nov 16, 2020Written Devotionals

“But the Lord has taken you and brought you out of the iron furnace, out of Egypt, to be His people, an inheritance, as you are this day.”  Deuteronomy 4:20    NKJV

Moses is telling the Hebrews that even though it has been a tough wilderness journey and even though at times it had to look hopeless and never-ending, the end is in sight and they were a different people because of what they had gone through. 

When we go through hard times, seasons that feel dry, or periods of defeat, these moments can feel unending.  We often wonder if there is an end in sight.  This is how the Israelites felt and yet they were on the end of their wilderness time and about to enter into the better things of the Lord.  You might feel as though you have been in a season of difficulty forever with no end in sight, but the Word of the Lord that Moses spoke to his people is true for you as well.  The furnace of their trial prepared them to receive the promises He had in store for them.  Allow your trial to strengthen you and prepare you to receive His deliverance in faith. 

They were on the cusp of their Promised Land just as you may well be on the cusp of leaving the wilderness and entering the land of promise, His place of blessing for you.  The truth is that all that you have endured and been delivered through by His might has prepared you for what is ahead.  You are different today than you were before your season in the furnace of the wilderness time.  The furnace strengthens and prepares you.  God does not create a season of hardship or wilderness for you, but this life brings those seasons to us.  When they come, He delivers you and strengthens you so that what would have destroyed you actually makes you stronger; it makes you an overcomer in Him.  Moses said to the Hebrews that God had brought them out of the iron furnace of Egypt.  A furnace is a place of purifying and strengthening.  It burns off everything that keeps the metal from being pure and strong.  The furnace prepared them to become the inheritance that they were to be, God’s inheritance. 

You may have come down a difficult road, but He traveled it with you, just as He did with the Israelites.  Going through the furnace of the wilderness makes you different and it prepares you to trust Him and enables you to walk in more of His favor and blessings.   Now you are the final product of the furnace ready to inherit the next call and blessing He has for you.  Don’t lose sight of that day just ahead of you.  

J Todd Hostetler




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