Our Disconnect Between The Word And Miracles

Feb 12, 2021Written Devotionals

“…for thou hast magnified thy word above thy entire name.”    Psalm 138:2       KJV

I know there are a lot of followers of Jesus that still struggle with the belief that the Word will work in their lives.  I can assume with some confidence that in your life there are needs that only God alone can meet.  You may know the Word’s promises, but still find it difficult to believe what you cannot see.  Let me offer an illustration that may strengthen your resolve to see the Word work for you.

I recently read an author’s account of an incident at Fermi Labs in Illinois.  This is the site of our nation’s biggest particle accelerator.  It is a device used by Physicists to sends protons and antiprotons flying through four miles of tubes, until they collide, creating bursts of energy that Fermi scientists then analyze.  When the accelerator is shut down for maintenance they give tours of the Accelerator.  The author describes that one man on the tour seemed extremely interested in every detail.  The guide thought he looked familiar and upon concluding the tour asked the man if she knew him.  He replied in the affirmative.  He was one of the lab’s theorists who had been working for Fermi Labs for more than a decade.  He had mistakenly gotten into the tour line, thinking it was the lunch line.  Since he was in line he decided he might as well take the tour, since he had never seen the actual workings of what he had helped theorize.  Thinking it unusual that a theorist had never seen the Accelerator, the author asked the Chairman of Fermi Labs regarding this.  The Chairman commented on the disconnect between the theorists and the actual experimenters.  The theorists were totally disengaged from the actual workings of what they spent their daily lives theorizing. 

It struck me upon reading this narrative that it is exactly the way many of us live our spiritual lives.  We have a disconnect between the Word of God and seeing the actual workings of that Word in our lives.  Think about it.  We know the promises the Word makes for our lives and could probably repeat them to others.  But do we actually see the application of those things in our lives?  Do we put them into practice so we can witness the reality of the Word?  For many of us, the Word of God is good (in theory), but we fail to see the Word come to life (in actuality) in our lives, bringing forth the promised provisions.  We need to remember that as Hebrews tells us, “For the Word of God is living and powerful….”  Remember today that the Word of God is living and will bring powerful results in your life as you apply it to the situations confronting you.  Let’s all move from being Bible theorists to actual workers of the Word! 

J Todd Hostetler





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