Ordering Your Steps

Nov 23, 2016Written Devotionals

“If the Lord delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm;”        Psalm 37:23    NIV

Most of us are confident that our creator has a plan for our lives.  But we only hope we are on His perfect path.  Left to our own nature we tend to choose the wrong path, a route that leads to pain, hurt and frustration.  We want God to guide our steps and we all acknowledge that we need God to direct our paths!  This leads us to the obvious question, “Is God directing my steps?” Probably most of us are not certain of the answer.  By looking at today’s verse we can be!

Most of us take a long term perspective of this verse, saying, “God will get me where He wants me because He directs my steps”.  We assume that if we are off course now, somewhere down the road God will get us where we are supposed to be.  While true, we should not settle for that uncertainty of our position.  The Word says that this is not just

The Word in Psalm 37 says the “steps” of a good man are ordered.  “Steps” is plural which indicates more than just a Alife long@ goal.  It indicates that this is an ongoing process.  Here is the thing my friend, if you are not feeling like your path is being directed by God then you need to stop what you’re doing and consider your steps.  In fact, the Lord wants to direct your each and every individual step.  Remember, He delights in your way.  He takes great pleasure in helping you through everything you face.  That is in part why he sent the Holy Spirit, so we would have that personal guidance with every step we take.

Don’t shut the Lord out of your daily decisions.  By letting Him guide each of your steps today you can avoid some of the frustration and hurt that we often subject ourselves to by taking steps using our own wisdom.  Try this.  Let Him lead you in the little things and then watch how much easier it is to hear His voice and direction for the bigger things in life that tend to cause us such consternation and anxiety.  Begin today and see how much easier your day goes, and how much more successful you feel at the conclusion of the day.

J Todd Hostetler




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