Looking For Today’s Moses

Sep 28, 2020Written Devotionals

15 “And the LORD said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. 16 But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it. And the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea.”    Exodus 14:15-16    NKJV

Some things never change.  In the fourteenth chapter of Exodus, the Israelites are in that moment of crisis.  In front of them is the sea and closing in behind them are the forces of Egypt coming to destroy them.  Seemingly in a hopeless situation, the people wailed against Moses, questioning why they were brought out here to the desert to die.  These very people, who had witnessed so many of the miracles of God up to that moment, now respond to their present plight with doubt and anger.  Then Moses stood before them and told them to not to be afraid, but to stand resolute and watch the destruction of the Egyptians before their very eyes. 

Realize that things have not changed all that much today.  Most of us have acted no different than the Hebrews did in the face of difficult circumstances. Even though we speak our faith and confidence in God, when things go awry, we speak words of doubt and angst, frustrated that we are not seeing the Word of God work in our lives.  What we need today are more men and women who stand up and be the Moses of today.  The Body of Christ is looking for them, needing them. Will you step forward and be that person of faith today?  We all know people of God who are frustrated with life and with their inability to overcome the situations of life.  We have all been one of those people at one time or another, but today we can be the voice of Moses who speaks the truth and calls the people’s attention to the truth of Jesus and His Word. 

If you want to be that voice of Moses, to strengthen and call hearts back to the power of the Word, you have to be aware of the characteristics that God had to call Moses to and be willing to step in faith the same way that Moses did.  The verses above are noteworthy in that they come immediately following Moses’ words of strength and faith which he spoke to the people.  He was about to learn it was not just the words that brought about the Lord’s powerful victory, it was also the corresponding actions of faith.  It is interesting to ponder what happened between verse 14 when Moses spoke those bold words to the people and verse 15 and 16 noted above.  Despite Moses’ words of faith to the people, he must have then cried to God to move and bring the deliverance that He knew God would provide.  For God called Moses’ response into question.

God essentially said to Moses, “Why are you calling out to me?  I did my part already, I gave you the authority to move, the authority that is represented by your rod.  You use the power that I have invested in you and you tell the people to move.  You utilize my power in you and divide the sea so that the people can move through the walls of water onto dry ground to safety on the other side”.  Through Jesus Christ, we have greater power and authority invested in us than Moses could have ever imagined.  We have the fullness of Jesus Christ in us and our rod is the Word of God.  Today the Body of Christ needs a Moses to speak Words of truth to them, to encourage them.  Are you ready to step up and use the rod of power and authority that is in you? 

J Todd Hostetler




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