Living In His Covenant

Feb 26, 2021Written Devotionals

“My covenant I will not break, Nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips.”    Psalm 89:34    NKJV

Every day is a new day in the Lord.  No matter what happened yesterday, we can start today with the knowledge that all of His promises for us are new and fresh to be received today if we are reach out and lay hold of them. 

Always remember that we have a book full of promises that we have not yet fully explored or stepped into.  I want to see those new promises and I want to have fresh and deeper revelation of Him so that I can believe for all those promises that He has for me and I can fulfill all those good plans He has prepared for my life.  How about you? 

This is the promise that we are given in the verse above, He will not break any promise He has spoken in His Word and it is a promise that is for you.  He will not even slightly alter what He Himself has spoken.  To the fullest measure, you can hold on to His promises in your life.  Even if it seems like an impossible promise, He has said that he will not alter it even to the smallest degree.  He spoke it; you believe it and it will be so!  Every Word that He spoke in the Bible is a covenant He has made with you through Jesus.  That means I can believe for all of those things I have not yet been able to possess, or even begin to believe for.  If it is in His Word then it is true for me today whether I realize it now or not. 

We can believe for the unseen things as we stand in faith, believing.  These promises are already established and prepared for us to move into.   Every Word is a covenant with Him. 

Now, think of the verse that best summarizes your situation and your heart’s desire and then stand on that.  If you don’t have a verse in mind, then just be thinking about it, be open and waiting for it, and believe Him to show you.  It may not be today or this week, but He will show you.

Look for that promise, that covenant from the Word, and expect it.  His Covenant, established in His Word, He will not break or alter.  Today is a brand new day, live in the fullness of His covenant promises for your life.

 J Todd Hostetler



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