If He Did The Greater

Jul 13, 2017Written Devotionals

“He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?”   Romans 8:32    NKJV

Almost all of us struggle to believe that God is going to do things for us.  For example, we believe that God can heal, but struggle believing He will do it for us.  We believe He blesses people financially, but somehow just can not believe that it will happen for us.  We know that He can deliver from the worst of situations, but are not certain we can believe Him to accomplish this for us.  Here is a plain, simple and consistent truth, God has provided for all of your needs regardless of how great or how small they may be.  The verse above says this in unequivocal terms!

This is a very direct way of demonstrating to us all that the Lord has done for us because of His great love.  If He would do the one thing (greater than anything one could ever ask or imagine) why would He then not do all the lesser things?  God gave all that He had, everything beyond what we deserve, when He sent His Son to live with us and die for us is such a cruel, dishonorable and horrific way.  This is what He gave for us because of His love and devotion to us.  This is the greatest thing He could ever give, a gift that we could never be worthy of and for which we could certainly never even begin to repay Him.  It is beyond our imagination that He could make such a sacrifice, for certainly not one of us would ever make such a sacrifice for another.  He spared nothing in giving to us that we would have liberty and freedom in Him, and a real and “knowing” relationship with Him.  Not only did the Father yield His Son Jesus, but it also goes further, He delivered His Son up for our behalf.  If God the Father would do all of that, which is greater than anything we could have imagined or hoped for, then why would we not expect that He would freely and with great joy give us the lesser things that are promised as well?

These lesser things are all things we can imagine and conceive of; unlike the greater gift, He gave which is still beyond our ability to fully understand in this life. If we accept that He gave those greater things, why do we struggle to believe that He will then provide for those lesser promises which are a by-product of the greater gift and sacrifice?

How much should we believe Him for?  Well, if we believe Him for anything less than all that we have need of, then we do not understand the fullness of the sacrifice that He has suffered and surrendered on our behalf and to our freedom and benefit.  The question that Paul asks in his letter to the Romans is the same question that is so poignant yet today, “shall He not…also freely give us ALL THINGS?”

If you read this verse in the Amplified Bible it says that He will also, “…also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?”  How many of your needs fit into the category of “all other things”?  Pretty much everything!  He has met our needs. Now let’s start receiving all those “other” things!

J Todd Hostetler





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