How Much You Hear

Jun 30, 2019Written Devotionals

“Whoever is of God listens to God, [those who belong to God hear the words of God] this is the reason that you do not listen [to those words, to Me]: because you do not belong to God and are not of God or in harmony with Him.”    John 8:47    Amplified Bible

How often have we complained to God because we never hear from Him?  We question Him, wondering why He speaks to others but not us.  We feel hurt because people we know hear from the Lord but we don’t.  Then we read the above verse and realize the problem.  It is not Him!  He is dialing us up daily; we are just not making the connection because of our failure to be in fellowship with Him. 

The verse makes it obvious that we have a right to hear from Him because we belong to Him.  The call was placed, we just have to pick up the receiver.  We are not hearing Him because we are not in “harmony” with Him. 

This next analogy may hit a bit too close to home for most of us, but apply this test of the strength of your relationship with Jesus. How much and, conversely, how little we hear from God is a good indicator of the condition of our relationship with the Lord.  Ask yourself this, “How much do I hear from the Lord?”  If you are not happy with the answer then that test is indicating your relationship with Him is pretty cold!  You need to walk in more oneness with Him, and then the hearing from Him will naturally flow from that “heated” relationship. 

Part of the reason many of us don’t warm up that relationship and expect to hear more directly from our Savior is that we simply do not feel worthy of His attention.  We know our faults and failures.  We feel undeserving of His personal attention and His speaking directly to us. 

But remember, we belong to Him.  No, we do not deserve the loving attention of the creator of all things, but He freely gives it to us.  He honors us in this way.  It is an honor that all the righteous before Christ yearned for according to Matthew 13:17, “…Many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see…and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”  That is, the men of honor and right standing with God desired to see and hear the things that we get to hear from God today through Jesus and Holy Spirit.  Don’t despise the honor given to you.  Heat up your relationship with Jesus and you will hear from Him! 

J Todd Hostetler




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