Grease The Mechanisms Of God’s Economy

Sep 19, 2020Written Devotionals

“Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness,”    2 Corinthians 9:10    NKJV

Giving is such a vital part of seeing God’s economy work in this life.  Giving is the grease to the machinery of God’s economy. Without it, the entire system seizes up and stops working.  This is a difficult concept for a lot of people to accept or understand because it is the opposite of what the logic of the mind suggests.  The logic of the mind says that if you have a need then you better hold on tight to what you have.  If you give away what you have, then you will have less and your need becomes greater.  In principle, that sounds correct. But unfortunately, that is one of the principles of the world and not one of the principles of God. 

The fact is that is when we have a need the answer to our need is to give of what we already have.  Giving is the grease that makes the machinery of God’s economy operate.  The verse above shows us that it is God who provides the seed to us.  In other words, He provides the resources for us.  But we have to understand that God provides those resources (or that seed) for us to do two things.  He provides seed for us to consume (to meet our daily needs) and He provides seed for us to sow.  Whatever you have is not really yours, it is all His and He is the one that has provided you with the seed that you presently have.  Some of that seed is not for you to consume. He gave some of that seed to you with the intention of you giving it others and to His kingdom’s work. 

The illustration would be like the seed that is given to a farmer.  If a farmer takes all the seed he produces in a season and eats it all, not leaving any seed to sow later, he will end up in a worse position than before he started.  While he may have satisfied himself with that one harvest, he will have nothing to plant and produce a harvest for the next year.  Because he consumed it all, including the seed that he was supposed to sow, he will starve after one season.  His immediate need may have been met, but he consumed his future.  This is what we do when we fail to realize that all God has entrusted to us is not just for us to consume ourselves.  Some of it is given to us to sow and our future lies the sowing of that seed. 

If you never seem to have enough then perhaps you are not giving enough.  Perhaps you are consuming the seed that He provided for you to sow.  If you consume the seed that was for sowing, then God has nothing to prosper you with because you consumed your blessing, your future blessing.

He provides seed to you for the purpose of multiplying your resources, don’t consume that seed. 

J Todd Hostetler  




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