God Of All Comfort

Dec 20, 2020Written Devotionals

3 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort,”    2 Corinthians 1:3    NKJV

When I was a little boy, my brother, sister and I always knew that regardless of what happened Mom was always there to comfort us.  No matter what the circumstances Mom always brought comfort and peace. Somehow I just knew it would all be all right.  When we become adults we see things through adult eyes and we can see the logical conclusion to any situation that we may face.  This ability to see the end of matters for ourselves comes at a cost.  We are also no longer comforted by the soothing words of others.  Words offered in comfort do not take away the fears and dreads of the adult mind.  Wouldn’t it be good to once again take our problems to someone, hear their words of comfort, and be at peace because they told us that we could? 

In verse 3 above, we are told that we still have that parental voice of calm and comfort in our heavenly Father.  He is the God of all comfort and He comforts us in all situations, in all of the various forms of tribulation that tend to send us into a downward spiral of doubt and fear because we see the end of the matter with our natural minds.  Even those hopeless situations which cause our natural mind to conclude there are no means of escape are not too big for Him or too big for His comfort.  What is discomforting you today?  Maybe a doctor’s report, a marriage that appears to be headed for divorce, imminent financial disaster or ruin?  If you’re facing a situation where you cannot find comfort because you cannot see a way out, there is still comfort for you.  It is the same kind of comfort and reassurance that you felt when your Mom or Dad told not to worry, that it would be all right. Our Heavenly Father speaks those words of comfort to you and they are backed by His power and authority to deliver you from the impossible. 

Notice that verse 3 says your Heavenly Father is the God of all comfort.  It is an all-inclusive statement, there is nothing you face that He does not have comfort for you.  The word comfort here means exhortation, encouragement for the purpose of strengthening.  When you need comfort turn to Him and He, Himself, will exhort you in comfort.

In the Greek “comfort” means to come alongside for comfort and guidance, aid and defense.  This is what God does for you if you will look to Him for that comfort that eludes us so often as adults. When you are faced with the trials of life and are in desperate need of comfort, He is there to not only comfort you but also come alongside you and to walk with you in His comfort.   Allow Him to come alongside you today in whatever you face and revel in the peace of His comfort. 

 J Todd Hostetler




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