Fruit Of The Word

Mar 12, 2017Written Devotionals

“…which has come to you. Indeed, in the whole world [that Gospel] is bearing fruit and still is growing [e][by its own inherent power], even as it has done among yourselves ever since the day you first heard and came to know and understand the grace of God in truth. [You came to know the grace or undeserved favor of God in reality, deeply and clearly and thoroughly, becoming accurately and intimately acquainted with it.]”   Colossians 1:6 Amplified Bible

Paul, in his letter to the Colossians, is talking about the Word of God and the truth of the good news we find in the revelation of the Word regarding Jesus.  The Colossians have heard the truth and the Word has already had an impact in their region.  It has already born fruit as there is a thriving Body of believers to whom Paul is now writing.  They are all the fruit of the Word of God.  But the beginning of that verse reveals another powerful truth; the Word that is sown does not just bear fruit once and then stop. It continues to bear fruit, which is the powerful force of the good news of Jesus Christ.  Paul says the Word received by the Colossians is indeed still bearing fruit and the numbers of believers are growing.  The growth is not due to excellence in preaching or having beautiful buildings for worshippers to attend.  It is not because of anything man can do.  The Word has its own inherent power to bring life and produce a continual harvest.

You don’t need to be a great speaker or a compelling debater with people to win them to the Lord.  You don’t have to worry about whether you said the right things to them for them to receive.  No need to condemn yourself because you can’t bring yourself to go door to door to present the Gospel.  The pressure is not on you to produce the fruit.  All you have to do is have the Word in you and speak the Word of truth to those around you.  You don’t need to try and model yourself after someone else that you see as being a successful winner of souls, all you need to be is a person that has the Word of God in you with a joy and passion for Jesus.  Present the Word as He leads you and as you respond to the opportunities the Holy Spirit presents. It is the Word itself that will bear fruit from its own power, not from your brilliant presentation.

You don’t even have to know and understand all things in the Word before you start sharing the good news with people.  Just share what you already know in the Word and the Word will do the work of growth.  All we are required to do is plant the seed of the Word as we see opportunities.  The germination of that seed and the resulting fruit are His responsibility.

One final thing to consider that is for your benefit as you share the Word with others, it produces further fruit in you as well.  The more you share the Word, the more clarity and understanding are revealed in your own heart.  The power is in the Word, just be a seed or Word planter and watch the fruit grow.

J Todd Hostetler



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