Faith Works Through Love

Sep 23, 2017Written Devotionals

“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but faith working through love.”    Galatians 5:6   NKJV

Any good thing that happens when you share with others is not only the love of Christ flowing and moving in their lives, but it is that power of Christ flowing through individuals like you and me.  It is the way that God established things in this world.  His power yes, but it has to move through people.  We are often frustrated when we do not see the power of God moving through our lives and touching others, but if that frustration surfaces it is a good indicator that perhaps we are not mixing our faith with His love.

The best efforts of the flesh to reach others and see deliverance in their lives are of little value, but the love of Christ operating through believers has definite results and ramifications. Remember that faith works through love!  By contrast, without the love of Christ behind our actions, the power of Christ working through our faith is greatly diminished.  A key to faith operating with tangible results is faith that is accompanied by love and operates in an atmosphere of love.  I do believe that there are people who have faith and trust in the faithfulness of God and His Word and yet sometimes they do not find the results they had fully hoped for.  They experience a degree of deliverance, but not the full victory that they were standing on.  One of the reasons can be a lack of love in their hearts for others.  They may operate in faith but faith truly works through love.  If there is not love in the heart for your fellow man and the needs that are going on around you, then you have not developed a true atmosphere for faith to do her full measure of work.  The final results will not be fully satisfying.  If you find that you are easily angered by others and short tempered, that demonstrates a lack of love and as such your faith is affected.

Sometimes, the reason for people’s frustrations is that they do not fully realize the measure of love that the Lord has for them.  Without this, they cannot operate in faith because they don’t fully know and believe the love the Lord has for them.  If they do not have this depth of understanding of His love, then they will not be able to operate with a Christ-like love for those around them.  It is startling how easy it is to lose this tenderness of heart.  And so it should be an ongoing question that we ask ourselves. Am I experiencing and demonstrating His love, or am I am acting in my own flesh?

Think about your time with others.  When they are with you do they receive the love of the Christ?  When we operate in His love, we provide an atmosphere where faith can flourish.

J Todd Hostetler



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