David’s Kind Of Praise

Oct 1, 2020Written Devotionals

1”I WILL extol You, my God, O King; and I will bless Your name forever and ever [with grateful, affectionate praise]. 2Every day [with its new reasons] will I bless You [affectionately and gratefully praise You]; yes, I will praise Your name forever and ever.”    Psalm 145:1-2    Amplified Bible

It is so easy to take for granted the blessings of the Lord.  We all do it because we get so caught up in the windstorms of daily life that we fail to put our eyes on Him and realize all that He has done and is doing for us.  In Psalm 145, David summarizes for us some important revelations on the importance of praising Jesus with a heart of gratitude. 

You can read right away that David’s praise of the Lord is very different from what most of us express in our praise to our Lord.  It is praise with affection and gratitude.  How often are our words of praise the Lord, simply patterned responses because we know the importance of praise?  But here, David is praising God with affection that is a personal and vibrant emotion.  He is emotional about God and his relationship with Him.  And it is grateful praise.  That means that it is a praise that is birthed from a heart that realizes how good the Lord is and how much He has done for him. 

It is also very specific praise.  It is not just praise that is offered on a whim.  There is obviously some meditation and thought that proceeded David’s praise.  He reflected on the things that the Lord had done for Him.  He put his mind upon and related to the Lord before he entered into praise.  That is real praise because it is based on the realization of the things that God had done.  It is not just a trained response that we use to begin our time of prayer. 

But then look at the second verse, it reveals an important motivation behind David’s praise. He acknowledges that every day there are new reasons to praise the Lord.  Every day there is evidence of His goodness and love for us.  If we will open our eyes and look, every day He will show us new things that demonstrate His love and His outpouring of good things to us.  There is a reason today for you to praise Him, and tomorrow will bring with it more and different reasons to offer your affectionate and grateful praise to Him.  David was looking for these things and as a result, he was seeing the hand of God continue to move in powerful ways through and for David.  The same is true for us if we adopt the same heart of praise that David had. 

Today, open your eyes to the blessings and favor that God has poured into your life.  Identify those acts of love and praise Him with gratitude!

J Todd Hostetler




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