Daily Profit And Loss

Jul 16, 2020Written Devotionals

16 “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.  I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom: Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.”    2 Timothy 3:16-4:2    NKJV      

Verse 16 says that all scripture is profitable to us. If we really believe that then why don’t we make it an active part of our daily lives?  Usually, if we know something will profit our lives, we jump to receive it.  If we are not making the Word a vital part of our day, then we must not believe this is a true statement.  If we don’t believe this truth from the Word, then we are probably suffering disappointments in life already.  The reality is that the verses above give us the key to discover truths that will profit us daily.  He has given us all scripture to make us complete in Him. 

Ask yourself this question; was your day yesterday a day of profit or loss?  I don’t mean monetarily, but would you count the day overall as a success and profitable or not?  However you answer that question probably much of that answer has to do with how much the Word of God was infused into your soul. 

These verses show us that the Lord uses His Word to correct us and reprove us.  We have the tendency to believe that he corrects us with punishment.  While that is what we are usually taught that is not what the Word says here.  He corrects and reproves us with Scripture, His Word, which is powerful and filled with life and strength so that we can make corrections.  It is so like our God to correct us with love, gentleness, and compassion when we expect correction through punishment.  And the correction of the Word carries more power than punishment would.

All scripture is for correction and reproof and is profitable for us in our daily lives but this is how amazing the Word of God is.  Not only is it for correction, but the same scriptures we read also provide us with exhortation.  The same Word that corrects, which we would think should bring us down (this is what correction does when it comes from the world), brings us up and exhorts us.  The definition of “exhortation” is to incite and encourage.  The same Word that corrects also builds us up and encourages us. 

By understanding this you can see why the Word is profitable to your life.  It instructs you daily. It is there to correct you and reprove you when you error, but even in the correction and reproof it will also always build you up and encourage you.  All scripture is profitable to you beyond your imagination, so determine to make it a daily part of your life. 

J Todd Hostetler




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