By Whom Shall Revival Come?

Jan 8, 2021Written Devotionals

“This is what the Lord says: ‘The young officers of the provincial commanders will do it.’ “And who will start the battle?” he asked.  The prophet answered; ‘You will’”.    1 Kings 20:14    NIV

For as long as I have been a believer I can recall many different leaders speaking about revival being right around the corner for our nation.  With enthusiastic hope, I embraced the vision of our nation turning its collective heart back to the Lord Jesus.  Every corner passed with no dramatic change in the hearts of Americans. 

Many, including myself, were optimistic that hearts would be open following the tragedy of 9/11.  So many were going to church and seeking spiritual comfort and answers as a result of the unprovoked attack, that it seemed revival might be the result.  Once the fear subsided and reality settled in, the world went right back to its previous ways, again excluding the Creator from their lives. 

Several years later we had a year that started with a tragic tsunami in the Pacific and closed with devastating hurricanes in the US like Katrina.  Hearts poured forth compassion and again spiritual comfort and answers were sought.  But rather than finding solace in Jesus and His Word, the world decided that God was to blame for the upheaval and chaos.  Once more they turned away from Him. 

Revival has broken out twice in our nation’s history and it can happen once more.  We have learned in these years of tragedy that revival will not be as a result of destruction and hardship.  Instead the last few years seem to have hardened the hearts of unbelievers.  Do not be discouraged, however.  I still believe that another great revival is on its way.  How will this come about?  We find a possible answer in I Kings 20 regarding a nation’s deliverance.  King Ahab, confronted with a superior army arrayed against him, was approached by a prophet of God. 

The Lord, speaking through the prophet, told the King that He would deliver Israel.  They inquired “By whom” (Shall the deliverance come)?  His answer; “Thus says the Lord, by the young leaders of the provinces.”  The king then inquired, “Who will set the battle in order?”  The Lord answered, “You will”. 

I believe that young people will be used to lead the nation’s next great revival.  They are the “who” of the equation.  Who will set the battle in order?  In other words, who will prepare and usher them in?  “The Lord answered, ‘You will”. 

What are you doing to strengthen the youth and youth leaders of today, in Christ?

J Todd Hostetler



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