Are You Really Only Human?

Feb 23, 2021Written Devotionals

“But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things”.   1 John 2:20

How many times have you made a decision in life based on your best judgment and wisdom and then after you experience the results of that choice you realized that there were other factors involved? If you had you known them you would have altered actions and done things differently.  You find yourself thinking, “If only I had known this, I would have made a different decision!”  This is why the old saying that says hindsight is twenty/twenty adage is still in vogue.  I suppose we find comfort in those words, but it is a cheap consolation compared to having had made the correct decision at the onset and thus avoiding the resulting complications.  But what can we expect? We are only human, right? 

The truth is that in reality, we are not “only” human!  We are composed of a triune confluence of spirit, soul, and body.  So, for those of us that are saved by the atonement of Jesus’ blood we are truly one-third spirit and that spirit, once it is born again, is incorruptible.  Your spirit cannot get any holier than it already is. Right now it is pure in Jesus and always will be, even when our natural parts (soul and body) fail.  This never changes the Holy Spirit that resides in your spirit.  The fact of the matter is that we are not only human.  When we use that phrase it is nothing more than an excuse to fail, to live beneath the level of expectation that the Lord has for us.  It is true that in the natural we are faulty and only human so that when we make choices for our life based solely on our nature we will often fall short because we do not see all things in the natural.  But as a believer in Jesus Christ, you can expect more and walk in greater success.  This is exactly what Jesus would like to see in each one of us. 

Because that one-third of who we are is spirit and because the Holy Spirit is constantly residing inside everyone who is born again, we have the insights and the ability to discern things that we could not otherwise.  When you have a decision to make in your life, there is an unction from the Holy Spirit that is inside of you which will lead you down the right path.  The Holy Spirit will show you things that you would otherwise never be able to see or expect on your own.  This is a wonderful gift that has been given to us and sadly very few of us ever put this gift to work in our lives.  In fact, we usually disregard the operation of this gift on a daily basis and simply try to live our life based on our wisdom and experience.

When you are pondering the matters and concerns of your life, learn to listen to that voice that is from the Holy Spirit.  Learn to discern the unction of His leading you to wise choices that bring you to positions of overcoming rather than being overcome by our bad choices.  You simply have to learn to recognize it.  You can know all things according to today’s verse!  You can know through the Holy Spirit that is in you.  The more you trust that unction the easier it is to hear it.  Expect more from your life, He does.  After all, you are not just human! 

J Todd Hostetler



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