A Year End Faithfulness

Dec 31, 2016Written Devotionals

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”    Galatians 6:9  NKJ

As we approach the end of another year, the tendency is to experience weariness from all that the year has drained from our lives.  Much of that weariness comes from our serving others and if we are not careful this listlessness can come to dominate our outlook and attitude, however we should recall the promise us in the verse above.

It can be difficult to give of ourselves to help others.  Serving is so often a thankless job in the natural.   All too often the recipient even fails to realize the love of Christ that motivates you.  Yet, you do what you do anyway.  It may feel like a waste of time when we pour yourselves into someone else, leaving us with the feeling that we will that you will never get back the hours that you spend on others.  It is hard to remember that the good seeds we are planting will at some point bear fruit in that individual’s life.  You as a representative of Christ are sharing words of life with those, who would otherwise just be plodding through their life one day after another, without hope.

Remember that you are the light of Jesus where He has established you.  You may not see it with natural eyes but you have already had life changing effects on lives as you allowed the Lord to move through you in His love.  Those you touched will never be the same because of you.  But now look ahead to what is yet to come according to the above verse, “In due season we will reap…”  There is a harvest coming for your life because of the efforts you have selflessly made.  Don’t lose heart

There are times that all of us feel like giving up.  We feel as though God’s promises just are not working.  As Paul encouraged the Galatians with these words, let him also speak those words of encouragement directly to you.  You will reap a harvest for all the things that you have sown where the Lord has placed you.  Others are blessed, because you are where you are, and you will be blessed because of your faithfulness!

There is but one condition to this truth coming to pass in your life, only one.  You cannot give up!  You must not become heavily burdened by those you serve.  You must not give place to frustration or become disappointed because that only leads to bitterness.  Don’t quit and do not give up hope, for then you will reap a harvest of blessing that will exceed the blessing they have received from you.

Do not grow weary in well doing my friend.  These three truths should sustain you, another productive year is coming to a close, you are making an impact in the world around you and your harvest season is coming soon.

J Todd Hostetler





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